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HP Model; TSGHIR01 PN; 5070 2583 Media Remote Control for K571AA, RN635AA, RN635AAR etc..

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This is a used tested good
HP media remote control
Model; TSGHIR01 PN; 5070 2583

Supplied with Desktop PC Media Center System models:
a1767c, a1777c, RK569ARA, RK570AA, RK570ARA, RK571AA, RN635AA, RN635AAR,
RN657AA, RN657AAR, RN662AA, RN665AA, RP827AV, RP828AV, RP829AV, RQ410AA,
RQ422AA, RQ425AA, RT678AA, RT678AAR, RT680AA, RT680AAR, RT692AA, RX881AA,
RX881ARA, RX882AA, RX883AA, RX883AAR, RX884AA, RX884ARA, RY866AA, RY867AA,
RY869AA, S3300F, S3320F, S3330F, S3330PC, IQ770, NY560AA#AB, NC694AA,
KQ498AAABA, KQ499AA, KY794AA, M9250F, NE499AV, NP189AA, S3750F, M9340F,
M9350F, a6157, A6177CB, AV131AV, FK483AV, FK540AA, FK541AAA2L, FQ545AA,
FQ561AA#ABA, FQ601AA, FQ604AA, FQ604AAR, FQ662AA, FT863AV, GB220AA,
GC382AV, GC383AV, GC384AV, GC385AV, GC386AV, GC387AV, GC605AA, GC665AA
And much more....

Please be sure this is the right remote for your system.
You can search the internet for the manual for your system and verify the remote.

Item # f6500

You get what is in the pictures.
14 day refund if it is DOA

Used Condition
Condition of used products usually has some minor scuffs
or small scratches. Remote controls don't come with batteries.
Phone battery condition is unknown unless stated to be new.

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Dec 18th, 2012
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